Last reboot time - Feature Request

  • 10 March 2022
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I hope it’s ok to ask here for a feature request (or can it be that it exists and I didn’t find it yet?)
I have currently a laptop (macos) which the AutoMox shows that it needs a reboot, the user claimed he did one, and I did check that he did through another system, but AutoMox doesn’t show in it when was the last reboot, It could be a good addon to see it. in the current situation I believe for some reason AutoMox didn’t refresh yet though I did initiate a scan, saw it happening few times with few laptops already but eventually it works ok.

1 reply

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Seems it would be easy with PS; just depends on how the web looks at the item; I would assume you would like this item in the device information area. It is a good idea to understand what people are doing. Specially when there is a issue; we can see when they last restarted.

Provide data on the last reboot


Get-CimInstance -ClassName win32_operatingsystem | select csname, lastbootuptime 
net statistics workstation | select-string "Statistics"



Get-Uptime -Since