InTune MDM but what about Automox

A while ago we ditched our then MDM and moved over to InTune to take on our MDM capabilities. Additionally, move our imaging solution to InTune as well. As we had Automox it was meant to be a fairly light implementation with Automox undertaking OS and 3rd party updates and InTune doing the rest.

Long story short our light implementation seems to have backfired as between Automox and InTune something is causing devices to fail updates. We have engaged an external resource familiar with Intune but not Automox and at a follow-up call next week I am pretty sure we are going to here we need to make a choice between one or the other, InTune or Automox.

Posting here if anyone else has found themselves using InTune and whether they encountered issues using alongside Automox. I get at a level these products overlap and compete but in others they don’t. Interested in other peoples views and experiences to help which direction and or questions, would be very much appreciated.

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Hey there, sorry to hear you’re having some trouble. Just out of curiosity, have you reached out to support with any of these issues?

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We have a few customers running Automox together with Intune without any issues. Curious about your patch schedule in both and the policy content.

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I don’t know if this is related, but I use MS Intune as my MDM and use MDT for imaging machines to auto join the domain an enroll with Autopilot to Intune. I thought that I would be able to use a couple of machines to create images for new machines in the field in order to replace their existing HDD’s. As part of the MDT imaging process I install the Falcon CrowdStrike agent which then installs the Automox agent. I’m finding out the hard way that Automox relies on the UUID to uniquely identify each device. Now I too will have to make a choice on Automox as all my other applications don’t have a problem with duplicate UUID’s.

Has anyone else run into this UUID issue?

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Not having any noticeable issue does not mean they are not there. Personally, i would advise to solve the UUID issue because while it may not be visible it’s often the way to identify an unique asset.

Thats good to know, as I felt if it was a fundamental issue others would have come across it before us. However, the machines which have “broken” so far only a rebuild overcomes the issues and leaving Automox off for the time being until, and if we can identify the cause of the issue.

Will reach out to support now that we know it can work, will reach out and see if we can pinpoint where it is going wrong which is our problem at the moment. We can see it goes wrong but not why, whether thats IntUne, Automox or of course something else!

Intune & Automox user here. Been using both for about a year now without any issues. Are your Update Rings still scoped in Intune? If so, disable them or remove the groups they are scoped to.

We let Intune do all the heavy lifting on system configuration, application deployment and “imaging” through Autopilot. Automox just manages updates, nothing more.

Thanks @maph thats pretty much were I think we will be and knowing it is working for you is great. Appreciate the tip for Update Rings, we still do have those scoped so have an idea what we need to do now. Appreciate the community help here, been a big help to me on this one.

@trilly - FWIW, there will be even more overlap between AX & something like InTune in the foreseeable future as we continue to add features and capabilities. They can certainly work in tandem as-is, though - thanks to @maph for sharing!

We have moved to Intune as well and are facing similar problems with Automox. It seems to install and I can see the service running, but the device doesn’t register with the Admin portal. In the amagent log (C:\ProgramData\amagent\amagent.log) seems to suggest that the agent is trying to start powershell, but then fails and shuts the service down and does that over and over.