Automox Community Rules

  • 1 December 2021
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We want the community to be a welcoming and helpful place for everyone that visits, so to ensure that things go along smoothly, we’ve established just a few community guidelines. These rules are short and sweet, and will go a long way in fostering a healthy community.

  • Be nice - don’t call people names, imply they are stupid, or tell them to just Google the answer.
  • Don’t spam - please don’t post any promotional content without prior approval.
  • Worklets are reviewed - if you submit a Worklet, our team will review to ensure that the code works and is not malicious.
  • Don’t post sensitive information, about yourself or others - this includes email addresses, API keys or other confidential company information, so as to protect yourself and others.
  • Don’t do anything illegal - hacking, phishing, posting copyrighted information, posting malicious links, etc. are all forbidden.

If you have any concerns regarding moderation, please reach out to @Brittany or @ChadMc, and we’ll take a look.

Thanks for making our community great!

2 replies

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What kinds the disciplinary action can we expect? Is this assessed case by case or is there an explicit policy on repercussions for certain behaviors?

For example, a three strike policy for name calling, or a no tolerance policy to hate speech?

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@TJ_Coppola thanks for asking! So, at the moment, these are assessed at a case-by-case basis. Depending on the severity of the situation, it could be an instant permaban (as you said, in cases of hate speech, for example) or it could be a three-strike policy warning. If someone is consistently berating other community members, we’ll reach out and issue a warning, but if the behavior continues, we will issue a ban or enforce moderation on their posts.

That all being said, we’ve had a generally kind community, so we haven’t had to lay down the banhammer yet :)

If you ever see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or you find is inappropriate, feel free to flag it using the three dots below each post:


This will send the moderators a message letting us know. Alternatively, you can reach out to Chad or myself directly and we’d be happy to solve the issue.