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  • 1 December 2021
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Welcome to the Automox Community!




The Automox Community is a great resource for customers looking to keep up to date on everything Automox and engage with fellow customers and Automox employees. To sign up for the community, visit and use the login button on the top right of the page.




Once prompted to login, you can either create an account or login to an existing account:




In the Community, you’ll find Automox product announcements, technical resources, important security updates, and our wide Worklet repository! (You can even submit your own Worklets, but more on that in a bit.)



The Automox Community is broken down into multiple categories, including:

  • Announcements & Events: Important updates about products and events from the Automox Team

  • Automox: Questions and discussions related to Automox

  • Worklets & Scripts: Scripts to help you create, automate, and enforce any custom task

  • IT Discussions: General IT conversations and questions

  • Security News: Latest news and security breaches

  • Water Cooler: General discussions about anything on your mind!

There are a couple of ways to navigate to each of the categories. The simplest is to visit the main Community Page at where you’ll see the categories in tile form, right at the top. From there, click on any category to jump in:



Or, from the “mega menu” at the top, you could use the Community drop-down carat to scroll through categories/subcategories in one place: 


And if there are any subcategories that catch your eye, you can always click on the “Subscribe” button on the right-hand side of the subcategory page to get email notifications for new topics:


Creating a New Topic

Creating a new topic has never been easier on the Automox Community! Once you’re logged in, simply click on “Create Topic” in the top right corner: 



Doing this will pull up a text box:


You’ll need to come up with a title for your post and decide what “kind” of post it is: is it a question that requires an answer from the community, an idea for the product, or simply something to start a discussion? You’ll also choose from the various categories where you’d like your post to appear. You can add basic formatting including links, text formatting, lists, etc. You can include any relevant tags at the bottom of your post.


Replying to a Topic

Replying to a topic is also as easy as can be! After clicking on a topic, you’ll see a few new options. These include the ability to “Like”, “Quote”, “Subscribe” and “Share”. Hitting the “Quote” option immediately pastes the entire topic into a reply box below the original post. The reply box is always there; no need to “hit reply” anymore:


Submitting a Worklet

Once you create your Community Account, you also have the ability to submit your Worklets to be featured in our Worklet repository. You’ll submit the code just like any other new topic, you’ll just add your code and instructions for use, then our team will review your code for security and feasibility! To add code, you’ll click on the three dots above and choose “Code” to add formatted code to your post.

To learn more about Worklets and what you can do with them, check out this page.


Navigation Bar

You can also use the Community to navigate through different relevant Automox resources through the navbar at the top of the page:



  • Automox Community: Click the AX logo to get back to the Community home page

  • Community Drop-Down: Click here to scroll through the categories and subcategories

  • Events: Upcoming webinars and live events from the Automox Team

  • Groups: Find and join AX Community groups

  • A quick link back guessed it, 

  • Console: A convenient link to the Automox console.

  • Status: To check the status of the API, Console, and Patching Engine

  • AX Dev Portal: Automox Developer Portal, full of developer resources

  • Support Docs: Automox Knowledge Base and helpful documentation!


Searching for Content

The search bar in the middle of the home page header allows you to search through the community for specific categories, topics, posts, or people:




If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the real-time search bar results, just hit “enter” to search and you’ll be able to refine your search with a number of variables and filters: 




Contact Us

The Automox Community is a great resource for customers to talk shop with peers and Automox employees, submit and find worklets, and keep up with ongoing security trends. If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests, feel free to message Brittany E or ChadMC or email and we’d be happy to help!

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