Apply updates on system shutdown

  • 11 March 2022
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We are looking for a way for Automox to be able to apply updates when a computer is shut down, like Windows Update does.

We don’t know if with powershell (through a worklet) we could “tweak” the start menu so it looks like it does with Windows, with the options to “Shut down”, “Update and shut down” and so on.

So we are wondering if this is something that someone else has struggled with, or if the Automox team has assessed this possibility. 

It would be a really convenient feature to have, so users are less bothered by the patching process, but we understand it´s a complicated issue.

Do you have any idea if this is poossible through a worklet? How would you start developing it?


1 reply

Interesting...let me talk to some smart folks.